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“Journey into the Universe of Digital Art: How Technology Redefines Creation and Perception”

In a world where technology is evolving rapidly, digital art emerges as an unstoppable creative force, embracing advanced technologies that transform how artists create and audiences experience art. Let’s explore how new technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and others are redefining the landscape of digital art.

In our artistic journey, we discover how VIRTUAL REALITY opens doors to unseen worlds. Artists use VR headsets to create immersive artistic experiences, literally placing us in the midst of their works. Virtual exhibitions and interactive installations redefine our connection to art, turning it into a captivating adventure.

TODAY — CHRIS MILK, the king of VR

Chris Milk is a contemporary artist, director, and entrepreneur known for his innovative work in the fields of virtual reality (VR) and interactive storytelling. Born in 1980, he has gained recognition for pushing the boundaries of traditional media and exploring new ways to engage audiences through technology.

Chris Milk’s contributions to the intersection of art and technology have earned him acclaim, and he continues to explore new ways to tell stories and connect with audiences in the ever-evolving landscape of media and entertainment.

Milk co-founded the virtual reality company Within (formerly Vrse), which focuses on creating immersive and interactive VR experiences. He has directed and produced several groundbreaking VR projects that have garnered attention for their ability to transport viewers into unique and immersive narrative worlds. Some of his notable works include “Clouds Over Sidra,” a VR documentary capturing the life of a young Syrian refugee, and “Evolution of Verse,” a visually stunning VR experience.

Beyond virtual reality, Chris Milk has also been involved in traditional filmmaking and interactive installations. His projects often aim to evoke emotional responses and create a sense of empathy by leveraging the immersive power of technology.

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