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Art Shopping Le Carrousel du Louvre

The only child who exhibited at the International Salon of Contemporary Art in Paris is DRAGOS MIHAI DOBOCAN, a 10 years old boy from Oradea, Romania.

It is Dragoş’s first international exhibition and could be seen at the “Le Carrousel du Louvre” Center between October 20 and 22.

Dragoş was the only child among the hundreds of artists who presented their works in Art Shoping Le Carrousel du Louvre, an event in which he won his first 100 euros for a work he hardly parted with, writes Agerpres.

“My first exhibition outside the country was this one, in Paris, where I met established painters from many countries of the world. I felt spoiled by great artists, being the only child among them. I discovered new styles in painting, in masterclasses held by French and foreign artists, in which I participated. At the same time, I managed to see how real artists work”, Dragoş testified.

His exhibition called “In the footsteps of French artists” included 32 works and was opened on Friday, October 20, at the Center “Le Carrousel du Louvre” in Paris.

Most of Dragoş’s works are made in acrylic, the favorite of the little painter, but also some in watercolor.

The subjects that Dragoş paints are inspired by nature and close to his soul: flowers, animals, houses, portraits, landscapes.“I started painting from the age of five. Then my mother enrolled me in singing light music. But I didn’t like it there. And then I told my parents to enroll me in painting. Since then, this is my way of relaxing. Painting is for me an oasis of joy and color, it is my way of liberating myself. My favorite work is ‘The Canary’. Then follows the ‘Polar Owl’, the ‘Lighthouse’. I have two canaries at home and they inspired me to paint. I painted one of them. I started with the work ‘Seascape’. I really like the sea and I have many works made during my vacations with my mother at the sea. Nature is what inspires me every day.”

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