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Monumental form in porcelain and steel converted to the eternity of minerals.

Aurelia Mocanu – art critic, journalist about the White Combustion theme [2018]

“Mentally viewing the exhibitionist series of Daniela Fainis enables me with the amplest stylistic protocol of submission of ceramic matter between Romanian contemporary creators.

“In over three decades of white earth laboratory has extended the sophisticated technology of the decisive porcelain towards the monumental and ambient assembly, on one hand, and towards the elaborateness and graphic expression, confessedly expressed, on the other.

From the purest harvest of light into transparency, families of the vegetal zen depilate until the portrait sketch on the kaolin sheet with a wet “minute’.

Fainis is a conceptive flow creator and plastic accomplisher of “continuous fire’.

Her families of shapes are born on the temporary axle, some from the others. Once declined as poetic, they germinate rhizomic and ask, at a new rise, other and other technical ingenuities.

Indubitable, Daniela Fainis has established a particular personal mark in the poetry of the sign and of the vibrant shape in the final rigidity of porcelain plastics.’’

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