Intelligent furniture

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Lifestyle evolution due to societies changes are encouraging architects to find innovative ways with smart technologies and more creative and effective solutions.

Accessibility to current progress is what designers and influencers are looking for.

Modern smart living spaces are no longer futuristic fantasy, flexible working, digital nomads, co-working spaces and co-living accommodation are the markets expected to keep changing and growing.

Architects and furniture producers came with brilliant Monello – Multimo solutions, concepts answering to a quality life with their particular approach in intelligent furniture for smart spaces.

Accessible living with intelligent technology & cool finishes, colors & textures

In a world where so much focus on the optimizing spaces is designed for better implementations, the alternative became much effective with these new technologies applied to smart furniture. By integrating automated processes, sensor technology and artificial intelligence, architects and the interior design industry can expand their customer base and obtain spectacular benefits. This intelligent approach proactively includes the entire society while at the same time opening up new spaces thinking solutions to more needs.

From Monello – Multimo

“We build Murphy Beds, Wall Beds, Pull Down Beds, Fold-Down Beds and Transforming Tables for small space solutions. We are not just a producer of the furniture we also build our mechanisms. We architects and engineers work together to put more added value to everyday objects. A bed that occupies 2sqm in a room will be stored vertically against the wall, or inside a closet or cabinet to let more space for everyone in the house. A coffee table that transforms for a work space for double functioning brings a neat more effective order to your living space. Due to the rigorously calculated and manufactured mechanisms you can rely on our furniture for a long life span of perfect functioning.”

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