“Journey into the Universe of Digital Art: How Technology Redefines Creation and Perception” – part 2

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AUGMENTED REALITY adds an additional layer of depth to how we interact with DIGITAL ART. Through mobile devices or AR glasses, artists can bring their creations into the physical world, offering us a new and fascinating perspective on their works.


Keiichi Matsuda (born 1984) is a designer and film-maker. His work explores the COLLISION of PHISYCAL & VITURAL, as technology transforms society, and new realities are born. VITRUAL REALITIES have merged with a city saturated in media. Keiichi’s practice combines concept film-making and interaction design, to critically explore the future of everyday life. His work has been widely exhibited, from the MoMA to the V&A, as well as attaining viral success online. HYPER-REALITY is a visual illustration that presents a different vision of the future.

It was awarded Vimeo’s “best drama of 2016,” amongst other accolades. Next Reality named Keiichi as a top AR influencer, while he was serving as Leap Motion’s VP Design in 2018, and he led the Mixed Reality experience design team at Microsoft while developing next-generation AR and VR devices. Keiichi gained his Masters of Architecture from the Bartlett school. He lives in London.

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