“Journey into the Universe of Digital Art: How Technology Redefines Creation and Perception” – part 3

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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Co-Creator or Source of Inspiration?

As we explore the territory of artificial intelligence, we discover how it becomes a creative partner for many artists. AI algorithms generate images, compose music, and even write poetry. This unique collaboration explores the boundaries between human and machine-generated creation. When we talk about artificial intelligence, machine learning or neural networks, we talk about a tool.

Today: Robbie Barrat. From NFT to Balenciaga (2018)

RB (born 1999), he’s one of the most exciting artists working with artificial intelligence right now. A young AI prodigy is breaking new ground at the intersection of neural networks and the traditional art world. His projects involve training an AI on a dataset comprised of Balenciaga’s previous collections, essentially allowing the AI to create entire Balenciaga collections. “I produced images for them – it was really a collaboration with their designers where they would look at the images I was producing and then try to interpret these into outfits.”

The collection focuses on neural networks and their utilization in the creative process, encapsulating its essence in the statement, “that’s sort of what it’s about.”

“It was a collaboration with me as an artist, I was doing artistic work for them, I wasn’t just the tool guy”. While AI obviously presents a lot of potential for a brand, working within the creative industry, what presents more potential is for that brand to collaborate with an artist who works with AI.

Source: https://www.itsnicethat.com/features/ones-to-watch-2020-robbie-barrat-digital-240220

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