“Journey into the Universe of Digital Art: How Technology Redefines Creation and Perception” – part 5

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Blockchain in Digital Art: Transparency and Authenticity Blockchain technology provides a solution to authenticity and provenance issues in the world of art. By recording artworks in a decentralized ledger, artists can ensure transparency regarding the authenticity and ownership of their digital works.

TODAY: Josie Bellini (born 1994) born and raised in Chicago, the Crypto artist is most famously identified by her iconic Bitcoin gas mask from Filter.

“Filter” has become emblematic symbolizing the purification of the financial world through Bitcoin. This artwork features a woman wearing a gas mask adorned with excerpts from the Bitcoin white paper, filtering out the corruption of fiat currency. In 2019, Josie added augmented reality (AR) to the piece, allowing anyone to experience it through a free app. The integration of AR generated significant buzz, especially during Consensus 2019, a major crypto conference. This innovative approach helped spread the message of financial freedom across various mediums, including prints, t-shirts, and stickers.

“Filter” was painted in 2018 with acrylics, spray paint, bitcoin whitepaper and deconstructed USD on a 30″x40″ canvas.

NFT art pioneer wants to upload her brain so she can live forever: Josie Bellini, NFT Creator

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