“Journey into the Universe of Digital Art: How Technology Redefines Creation and Perception” – part 6

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Generative and Algorithmic Art: Creation through Code

Artists utilize algorithms and code to create unique works of art. From computer-generated paintings to three-dimensional sculptures, generative art explores creation processes that go beyond the human hand. Algorithms and code become tools of creation in generative and algorithmic art. Artists use these tools to give birth to unique paintings and sculptures, exploring creation processes that surpass the human hand.

TODAY: Manoloide – Manolo Gamboa Naon, an Argentinean visual artist and creative coder, primarily delves into exploring generative visual aesthetics through plastic experimentation with code. His artworks delve into the expressive potential of programming within the realms of generativity and process art. By blending images and video, he investigates the dynamic interplay between chaos and order, organic and artificial elements, as well as randomness and control. Despite the fact that many programmers have knowledge of programing, only a few like Manoloide manage to realize themselves in the digital art.

From an early age he began to get involved in programming. Prior to creative programming, he worked in game development and design.

Manoloide entered the NFT world in 2018, when only artists and art lovers began to turn their attention to digital art.

Some of Manoloide’s works entail coding experiments. He sees programming languages as avenues for expressive art, believing they offer vast opportunities for creating pieces that blend generative aesthetics and process art. He embraces errors and mishaps, considering them crucial to his artistic process. Recognizing the value of randomness and coding bugs, he intentionally incorporates them, actively shaping mistakes to enrich his creations.

“I usually live in dreams that are constantly changing, so my ideas change, but it’s an adaptation to the context. I would like to get rid of words, of ideas. To fall in love with language again and explore it freely in my mind. To learn to enjoy the slow processes without expecting big results”. This is how Manoloide describes his desire in art and his worldview in creativity

Source: https://nftmetria.com/nft-artists/manoloide/

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