“Journey into the Universe of Digital Art: How Technology Redefines Creation and Perception” – part 7

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INCONVERGENT ART – technology or creativity?

INCONVERGENT ART blurs the boundaries between art, science, and technology, inviting contemplation on themes of emergence, complexity, and the role of human in creative processes. It challenges conventional notions of authorship and invites viewers to engage with the interplay between the artist’s intent and the autonomy of the algorithms.

Key aspects of INCONVERGENT ART is its reliance on computational techniques such as fractals, cellular automata, genetic algorithms, or neural networks. These tools enable artists to explore intricate patterns, organic forms, and abstract compositions that may not be readily achievable through traditional artistic methods.

TODAY: Anders Hoff – INCONVERGENT is a generative art project that explores complex behavior arising from simple rules.

“I’ve always been fascinated with patterns. It doesn’t really matter what kind of patterns; I’ve played with networks, leaves and leaf venation, branches, lightning, flocking, tracing outlines of shapes, river formation, rock sediments, landscapes, slime mold, lichens, reaction-diffusion, cellular automaton, some fractals, and a few other things. I think what I enjoy the most is how complex and intricate results you can get from a set of simple rules”. (2016)

Source: https://inconvergent.net/

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