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Born in 1974, the sculptor artist Dragos Neagoe lives and works in Crevedia Mare, Ilfov.

The experience of several years as a restorer within the National Art Museum of Romania gave him the chance to learn many of the classic and modern working techniques that, most of the time, make their presence felt in all his plastic experiments.

His sculpture is the fruit of an unusual technique. The artist calls this process “In the Pit”, and the technique is “simple”: dig a hole (small/big, depending on the size of the work) and think that everything that is convex becomes concave and vice versa, what is concave becomes convex.

The sculptor sees the positive forms in the negative and vice versa.

He is concerned with the multiple possibilities of representing human poses, especially the portrait. He continuously experiments with organic or traditional materials and investigates, through various forms of visual expression, from sculpture and object, to installation, performance, video and, more recently, photography.

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