Tribute to Tina Turner

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Special selections from AD Magazine for ZA’ART.


The houses of the great Tina Turner, “queen of rock’n’roll”

As Tina Turner left us this Wednesday, May 24 at the age of 83, a look back at the various properties that accompanied the singer during her life. Trip between Los Angeles, London and the South of France through a handful of vintage shots.

By Fanny Guénon des Mesnards


SOUL & EMOTION in ART selections & decorating houses

“decoration is a question of emotions, to know what you want,”


her decor is particularly harmonious, soothing for the soul

The transaction estimated at 76 million dollars made headlines at the time: gigantic, it would have ten buildings scattered over a five-hectare site, private pond, swimming pool and private port in support. The husband of Tina Turner had told the magazine Handelszeitung that this villa was “a refuge for the weekend”.

A villa in the south of France

Today my swimming pool is full of water. It’s a warning sign to show that I’ve dropped anchor in Villefranche”, laughs Tina Turner at the end of the summer of 1995, as Nice-Matin relates . 

The singer, recently owner of a villa in Villefranche-sur-Mer, has just been named honorary citizen of the city by the mayor. 

The work, which began in 1993, is coming to an end. In 2000, Tina Turner opened the doors of this house to AD , for a sunny break on the Côte d’Azur . 

Within the walls of the Mediterranean-style property, a fine collection of antiques and memorabilia have been brought together by the singer, who confides: “the décor is particularly harmonious, soothing for the soul. »

She enlists interior designers Stephen Sills and James Huniford to create the interior of her dreams — “I let them experiment and try things out ,” she smiles, explaining that they work hand in hand, according to his favorites. Their creative process oscillates between visits to museums , shopping sessions at antique dealers on the Quai Voltaire in Paris and references to books they share. 

The decorators tell the newspaper that Tina Turner is “the mastermind behind the décor of this house, her own invention” . 

A pedestal table signed André Dubreuil, seats from the Ming period, an Empire style sofa and an Indian-inspired patinated bronze bed.

The interior is punctuated with influences from different eras — “decoration is a question of emotions, to know what you want,” she says. 

The villa, overlooking Nice , reveals an underground cinema and a poolside inspired by the ruins of an ancient temple, between statues and colonnades. 

She thus confirms her taste for vintage furniture.

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