New ART, Diverse, Spectacular, Za’art is an ART HUB born to promote diversity and the spirit of creativity in Contemporary Art.

where only the best is good enough

is our motto.

We go for courageous ART, embracing effervescent ideas and promoting artists and valuable artworks as a key tool for artistic satisfaction.

Richness of ideas, a spirit of openness, fair-play, endless imagination, creativity are the values we believe in.

We are happy to uplift the Za’art beliefs and it is our mission to encourage artists to generate spectacular artworks and have a great place to expose.

The world of Za’art is about high aesthetics, surprising ideas, fresh thinking.

As the NEW ART expression and manifestation shows a spectacular evolution, artists started to propose a variety of implementations that requires professionals and gallery/s attention and favorability like never before.

Preoccupied by offering support to NEW ARTISTS, Za’art is active in the ART education fields with a variety of activities discovering NEW ARTISTS and promoting cultural trends.

With a variety of implementations, COSMOPOLITE, CHIC, COOL & TRENDY, the Za’art ART HUB is the access for artists to a stage where public can enjoy and appreciate their work.