za’art is a LIFESTYLE HUB born to enchant through diversity of approach and spirit of creativity, promoting quality and courage in art, interior design and lifestyle behavior.

where only the best is good enough

is our motto. We go for a higher standing, self-esteem and true elegance in all manifestations.

Focusing on ART, DESIGN & LIFESTYLE, we are happy to uplift the za’art values and it is our mission to encourage glamour through richness of ideas, a spirit of openness, fair-play, elegance and endless imagination.

The world of za’art is about BEAUTY, high aesthetics, JOY and QUALITY in all.

 As the life philosophy is having a major impact on our personal success, health, beauty and prosperity, here comes our power. It is about the values of life that make us feel spoiled and privileged to be the authors of our own STYLE.

From morning to night, 24/7, we set our standards through quality and options, because standing and lifestyle are more about ATTITUDE and KNOWLEDGE these days, about our own choices and high aspirations.

What we see, hear and touch, the people we meet, our outfit, accessories, how we tune our homes, cars and offices, the places we spend time in, what we eat, how we surround ourselves with beauties will build our narrative and represents our own signature.

 Art, perfume, lights, sensorial through visuals, trends, modernity, history, textiles, silky and velvet touches, gadgets, talismans, literature, new skills and trends creating our distinctive universe and feeding us.

With a variety of implementations, COSMOPOLITE, CHIC, COOL & TRENDY, the za’art configuration is the access to infinite beauty where the cultural richness of Grand Bazaar is adding even more charm.

Art, workshops, design signatures, cultural debates, contemporary accessories and trendy gadgets, calligraphy and office in style devices, Oriental treats, precious and rare cosmetics, hamam kits, silk kimonos and kaftans, exotic cushions and countless topics are the passport to the joyful life cornucopia.